Minister visits Ballymun Youth Guarantee Event

The Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton T.D., today (Thursday, 27th March 2014) visited the Ballymun Youth Guarantee event which is showcasing the range of courses and employment opportunities available to jobseekers aged between 18 -24 years in the Ballymun area.

The aim of the EU-wide Youth Guarantee is to provide young people under the age of 25 with a good quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within a short time of becoming unemployed.

Speaking at the event, Minister Burton said: 

“In some EU countries, the rate of youth unemployment is close to 60%. Thankfully, recent data on youth employment and unemployment levels in Ireland are more positive – the level of youth emigration has stabilised, youth employment is growing slightly and the level of youth unemployment has fallen. The most recent data from Eurostat shows our youth unemployment rate at 25%, a reduction of 8 percentage points from its peak level. But this is still far too high.”

The Youth Guarantee is a guarantee, supported by central EU funding of €6 billion, that national governments will do all they can to ensure that young unemployed people under the age of 25 are supported to secure a job or receive a work experience, training or educational opportunity within a short period of becoming unemployed.

The Ballymun Youth Guarantee pilot was one of the first of its kind to receive approval from the EU Commission, and is leading the way in informing the further development and roll out of the national plan.

As part of the Ballymun pilot Youth Guarantee, each young jobseeker in the area will receive a guarantee of access to career guidance, leading to identification of an individual career plan with follow-through to training, education, work experience or full-time employment.

Minister Burton continued: “Over the course of 2014 and beyond, processes and programmes will be progressively rolled out to ensure that young unemployed people who have a low probability of finding employment without significant support will receive a Youth Guarantee offer within four months. The Government expects to provide a Guarantee offer to circa 30,000 young people at the highest risk of long-term unemployment this year.

“In this way, our young unemployed people will be offered the opportunities they need to remain active in, attached to, and aligned with the requirements of the labour market. As I said at the recent launch of Ireland’s implementation plan, the Youth Guarantee can be summed up in a single word: opportunities. It’s about making sure we give our young people the opportunities they need to achieve their full potential. And today we see a great example of the wide range of opportunities that are available.”

Over 20 public employment services, employer representatives, education and training providers, local development and youth organisations showcased their services and opportunities in the Civic Centre today and included organisations such as Plunkett College, City of Dublin Education and Training Board, Whitehall College, Supervalu, UCD Innovation Academy, Comfort Keepers and Ballymun Jobs Centre.

Speaking with young jobseekers at the event, Minister Burton said: 

“The opportunities that you see here today are the building blocks for your future career, prosperity and fulfilment. I am strongly encouraging you to examine the opportunities and get all the information that you need to decide the career path that you want to follow. Experienced guidance workers from the Ballymun Job Club will continue to support you while you’re progressing along your pathway to employment.”

Minister Burton concluded by thanking the members of the Local Implementation Group for organising the event and all of the exhibitors for taking the time to raise awareness of the education and training courses and work experience opportunities that they deliver. She also paid tribute to the work of the Ballymun Regional Youth Resource (BRYR) for encouraging the young people in the area to come along today to see them for themselves what is available to help them decide their future career direction.



Feeding Ireland’s Future

Some great photos of young people participating in Feeding Ireland’s Future over the past week.

The Voice of Ballymun Youth

This video was showcased at the ‘Activating Dublin’ Employer Engagement Event on the 17th Feb.

These are the voices of young people from Ballymun who are helping to shape the Youth Guarantee. The pilot offers young people the hope of gaining employment. The key message is that by working together with government, business and young people we can create a better future for the youth of Ireland.

Thanks to BRYR and the Department of Social Protection for helping to make this video possible.

Employer involvement is key to solving Ireland’s youth unemployment problem

Employer involvement is key to solving Ireland’s youth unemployment problem, business leaders heard at a seminar in Dublin today.

The event, entitled ‘A Business Approach to Tackling Youth Unemployment’ and attended by over 80 business leaders, outlined the various programmes that are available and how companies can use them to benefit their business. It was co-hosted by the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Ibec and was delivered as part of the Activating Dublin programme. 

Please have a look at our menu of options for employers to engage with us – we need your support to make this project a success.

The Presentations from the event are available here:

Press Release:

The Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton TD, outlined the range of supports available to employers from her Department, while executives from companies, including Microsoft, Eishtec, Green Shield Security and Tesco, showcased how their businesses are working to get young jobseekers job-ready and back to work.

The Minister said: “I know that the best way to support the domestic economy is through the creation of jobs and I was very conscious from the moment I took office that we needed to involve employers in the process of transforming our services so that they work for jobseekers and employers alike.”

An example of one such new service is the JobsPlus wage subsidy scheme, through which regular cash payments are made to employers to offset wage costs where they employ people who have been on the Live Register for more than 12 months. Since JobsPlus was launched in July 2013, it has helped to support more than 1,280 full-time jobs.

Minister Burton also spoke of the Youth Guarantee: “The concept of the Youth Guarantee is simple – to ensure that all young people between the age of 18 to 25 receive a good-quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within four months of becoming unemployed or leaving formal education. “In Ballymun, which was chosen to implement a Youth Guarantee pilot project, the first referrals have already begun. Each young jobseeker we engage with will receive a guarantee of access to career guidance, leading to identification of an individual career plan with follow-through to training, education, work experience or full-time employment.”

According to Gina Quin, CEO of Dublin Chamber:

“Not every company is in a position to offer a young person a full-time job, but there are various other ways in which they can get involved and the Activating Dublin team are in the process of putting together a menu of engagement options for employers. I would encourage employers all over the country to do their bit when it comes to getting young people working. This includes everything from basic job sampling tours to job shadowing programmes and on-site placement training.”

Speaking at the event, Ibec Chief Executive, Danny McCoy, urged business and government to work together to give young people the skills and opportunities they need to get jobs.

“The recovery will gather momentum this year and this will enable businesses to put in place firm plans for the future. Our ability to recover and prosper will depend on how we use our most valuable asset, the potential of our young people. As employers, we need to give all of our young people the support they deserve through full engagement with the Youth Guarantee Scheme,” said Mr McCoy.

Speakers at the event included Cathriona Hallahan, Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland, Tony Keohane, Chairman of Tesco Ireland, Anne Cleary, Government Affairs, Tesco Ireland, Colm Tracey, Owner of Eishtec and Mark Perry, CEO of Green Shield Security Services.

Ms Quin added: “The schemes put in place by the companies in Ballymun should serve as inspiration to others companies around the country. Young people have a lot to contribute and there are a number of supports available to employers who recruit from the Live Register, including cash-incentives. Improving employment opportunities for young people is a goal that we all share and there is a lot that the business community can do to make this happen”

Minister Burton Attends Youth Guarantee Conference in West Dublin

Image of Minister Burton at Youth Guarantee Conference in West Dublin

(l-r) Trevor Emerson from the Youth Guarantee Pilot in Ballymun, Labour’s MEP for Dublin, Emer Costello, Minister Joan Burton and Daniel Brennan from the Youth Guarantee Pilot in Ballymun

Social Protection Minister Joan Burton today attended the European Youth Guarantee conference in Blanchardstown. Speaking at the conference, the Minister said:

“While the National Plan published last month is ambitious in its scope, it is important to stress that there is no instant or single solution to the youth unemployment problem. It will take time and perseverance, involving ongoing investment and the sustained effort of the State, employers, unions and jobseekers alike. Ireland is lucky that many of the elements that will make up the Guarantee at EU level are already in place in Ireland through the Pathways to Work and related strategies. In implementing the Guarantee, we will build on these elements and continually widen them”

Link to article here

Activating Dublin: A Business Approach to Tackling Youth Unemployment

winner-and-ue-960-280 3

If you are an employer and want to help get young people back to work this briefing is worth attending:

A Business Approach to Tackling Youth Unemployment – 17th Feb 7.30 am.

Delivered as part of the Activating Dublin the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Ibec are hosting a breakfast briefing on the 17th February entitled “A business approach to tackling youth unemployment”.  The Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton will outline how government are supporting employers to help our young unemployed get back to work.

Best practice case studies will be presented  by Microsoft, Tesco, Eishtec and Green Shield security on how they have successfully engaged with government to get young people job ready and back to work. This briefing is targeting Dublin’s business leaders to showcase how employers and government can work together to tackle youth unemployment.

Don’t miss this morning event on Monday 17th February with registration & networking from 7.30am  until 9.30am in the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Clare Street.