Options to engage

Engaging Employers

We have engaged extensively with employers to design a menu of options for how business can engage with young unemployed people. This is not just about offering young people jobs or internships, there is so much that business and employers can offer some of which do not involve an extensive resource commitment.

Our emerging menu of options is starting to take shape and includes:

1) Participation at job clubs. This may involve motivational speaking about careers in your company and what you look for when recruiting. Your involvement may involve something as simple as a 1 hour presentation at a job club group session. We would also like to hear from speakers on Social enterprise and Starting up your own business.

2) Engagement with HR managers. Would you be willing to commit to engage you HR manager to critique and develop job readiness programmes that will help employment advisors in Intreo and Ballymun to better understand your needs.  The ask for this would include participation at a facilitated session.

3) Job Sampling. We are looking for leading companies to facilitate a 3 hour structured job sampling tour. This would include an onsite tours of your business with presentations from staff and HR teams to showcase your company, the types of careers available and a session on the type of attributes that you look for in candidates.

4) Job Shadowing / Training opportunity (blended learning). There will be a number of opportunities for interested business to individually or collectively develop a work skills / on site placement training module. These will follow the model applied by Tesco and Skillnets for Retail and Warehousing positions. Our particular target for this would be for other businesses in the retail, hospitality, security, leisure, manufacturing, IT / or healthcare sectors and to expand this blended learning opportunities.

5) Recruiting from the Live Register. Using Intreo as a recruitment service and access Job placements / Internships. We can offer you a tailored service through the Ballymun jobs centre and North Dublin Intreo Office. Not only will this save you on recruitment costs it will also demonstrate how your business can make the most of the generous benefits from schemes such as JobPlus where there are refunds of up to 10,000 euro available, the use of job placements through JobBridge and recruitment and cv / skill matching services. See Section on Employer Incentives.

6) Other. Are there any other ways that you think you business can engage with us on this project?

Please send on your feedback.


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