Employer Best Practice

Case studies and examples of best practice employers:

tesco ireland

Tesco Ireland have partnered with Department of Social Protection and Skillsnet to deliver their Tesco-Positive2Work training programme. 36 young people participated in two individual training programmes; one in Retail Skills Training and one in Warehouse Skills Training.

Microsoft are empowering young unemployed people to become job ready through significant investment in their youth2work and fast track to IT (FIT) programs. Microsoft and FIT: ‘Youth to Work Programme’ – http://www.fit.ie/

Eishtec, a leading contact services company based in Waterford, have successfully worked with Department of Social Protection for their recruitment needs. Eishtec Working with the Department of Jobs – http://www.eishtec.com/working-with-the-department-of-jobs/


Green Shield Security have worked with Department of Social Protection to meet their recruitment needs, developing an accredited security skills training programme in partnership with Solas. Greenshield Security Services – http://www.greenshield.ie/

Feeding Ireland’s Future – March 3rd – 7th 2014

Minister Joan Burton launching Feeding Ireland’s Future with David O’Neill (SHS Sales and Marketing), Declan Carolan (ECR Ireland) and Jill Ross (Unilever)

Feeding Ireland’s Future is launching during Skills for Work Week, March 3rd – 7th 2014. 

This is an initiative by the grocery sector in Ireland and builds on the success of the feeding Britain’s future. It is focused on developing pre-employment skills for young people. Feeding Ireland’s Future is an initiative whereby member companies of ECR Ireland such as Musgrave’s, Tesco and Unilever give free pre-employment training to young unemployed people in Ireland. The initiative is being conducted in association with Intreo and all activities will occur during a Skills for Work week from March 3rd to 7th.


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