Minister Burton Attends Youth Guarantee Conference in West Dublin

Image of Minister Burton at Youth Guarantee Conference in West Dublin

(l-r) Trevor Emerson from the Youth Guarantee Pilot in Ballymun, Labour’s MEP for Dublin, Emer Costello, Minister Joan Burton and Daniel Brennan from the Youth Guarantee Pilot in Ballymun

Social Protection Minister Joan Burton today attended the European Youth Guarantee conference in Blanchardstown. Speaking at the conference, the Minister said:

“While the National Plan published last month is ambitious in its scope, it is important to stress that there is no instant or single solution to the youth unemployment problem. It will take time and perseverance, involving ongoing investment and the sustained effort of the State, employers, unions and jobseekers alike. Ireland is lucky that many of the elements that will make up the Guarantee at EU level are already in place in Ireland through the Pathways to Work and related strategies. In implementing the Guarantee, we will build on these elements and continually widen them”

Link to article here


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